Kevin Ratzell had many sides to him.  First and foremost was a Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather as well as a Man of God.

Kevin was one of the nations best motorcycle riders and instructors.  He taught this skill to law enforcement officers and civilians alike.  Kevin shared his passion of motorcycles with his family and close friends.  Kevin saw so much of our nation from the seat of his motorcycles and loved sharing the experience with like minded individuals.

We have experienced desserts, mountains, valleys, other states and even other nations riding with Kevin leading the way.  

Kevin was a lead road marshal for numerous bicycle events through the mountains of Colorado.  He was a nationally recognized motorcycle operator for camera men filming bicycle races, most notably in Hawaii.

Kevin retired from the Colorado State Patrol where he served as a Trooper up to Master Sergeant before retirement.  There he help craft the careers of numerous troopers and set them on a path of success.  He trained troopers while they attended the training academy as well as advanced training in law enforcement driving.

Kevin was generous and caring.  If someone needed anything, Kevin was the first in line to help.  

Kevin shared his wisdom and outlook with anyone he came in contact with.  He could calm situations with his smile and have you crying with laughter.  

Kevin was an artist as well and would sketch drawings at the most random moments that would be simple yet beautiful works of art.

We miss him dearly, and it is in his honor that we hold the R2R!