Who We Are

We are the friends, family, students and riding partners committed to keeping Kevin Ratzell's passion for motorcycle riding alive!

We are here to say "Thank you, Kevin!", for everything you have given to us!!!

The R2R2:

This fund raising event honors Kevin Ratzell, a retired Master Sergeant with the Colorado State Patrol who's love for motorcycles and fellow man is unsurpassed.

Kevin passed away in 2014 due to natural causes but left behind a legacy of good will and fellowship with everyone he touched throughout his life. In his name we are honoring his spirit of generosity by holding our second annual R2R2(Ride to Remember Ratzell) event on Saturday, May 21, 2016.

This year we will also honor Posthumous Trooper Taylor Thyfault who's life was lost while saving a tow truck driver on May 23rd, 2015. Taylor was assisting on a crash investigation when a fleeing motorist, running from law enforcement, drove into the crash scene. Trooper Thyfault had the presence of mind to get a tow truck driver out of harms way as the vehicle careened into the tow truck striking Trooper Thyfault. His sacrifice saved a husband and father allowing him to go home to his family. We also will be recognizing and honoring Trooper Jaimie Jursevics who was struck down by a drunk driver as she was attempting to stop him.  This driver fled the scene and was later apprehended.  Jaimie leaves behind her husband and infant daughter who will never know the love and care of her mother due to this senseless loss.

Along with the injured first responders in Colorado this year, the Flying Wheels Foundation also provided financial assistance to the families of Troopers Thyfault and Jursevics during the early onset of these terrible tragedies.

All proceeds raised from the R2R2, will be donated to the Flying Wheels Foundation. The Flying Wheels Foundation supports first line emergency responders who are injured on the job. Trooper Rushing was also a victim in the crash which took Trooper Thyfault's life. Extensive surgeries have been performed and more are needed for Trooper Rushing's recovery. The Flying Wheels Foundation is helping where ever possible with Trooper Rushing and his family due to the lost wages and unforeseen costs that come with medical recovery. Worker's Compensation only covers so much, and gaps aren't realized until someone is in the position of catastrophic injury.

Please consider helping, as we help those who protect and sacrifice for us by signing up for the 2016 R2R2 Event. More Event Details will be coming in future months as the logistics are planned.


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